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First Be Energy subsidiary in Western Switzerland

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27 July 2023

The first quarter of 2023 marked a new high point for Be Energy, with the opening of a joint venture in Switzerland, at the heart of an ecosystem focused on recycling, the FLASA ecopole. Be Energy is delighted to be one of the companies selected by the Six family’s historic company to revitalise the Jura-based business in Alle.

Batteries regeneration Flasa

Be Energy, at the heart of the FLASA ecopole in Alle

The Be Energy Switzerland subsidiary has taken up residence in the eco-cluster of the Filature de Laine Peignée d’Ajoie SA, contributing to the project of André-Jean Six, grandson of Edouard Six, to revitalise a historic company, a symbol of tradition and modernity.

Founded in 1934, FLASA has exported its ancestral technical know-how all over the world, supplying the luxury goods and transport industries in particular. Today, by adding the energy sector to its historic business, FLASA is continuing its resolutely innovative approach.

200 square metres dedicated to battery regeneration in Switzerland

On the premises of the Alle ecopole, the Be Energy Switzerland subsidiary covers some 200 m² and has 5 machines capable of regenerating all types of lead batteries:

  • Stationary batteries
  • Traction batteries
  • Starter batteries

The Swiss subsidiary’s equipment is complemented by discharge benches and test terminals, as well as the tools needed to meet the expectations of customer companies.

A tailored response to demand for battery regeneration in Switzerland

In Switzerland, companies that use stationary batteries, traction batteries and starter batteries can now call on Be Energy Suisse to consider more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

As part of a coherent financial and CSR approach, the watchmaking and agri-food industries, as well as transport and logistics professionals, can now rely on a technology that has proved its worth around the world, to make carbon savings and reduce their purchases of new batteries.

The Be Energy Switzerland subsidiary is also the first to offer complete decarbonisation solutions for batteries and oils. Stay tuned…

Be Energy Switzerland

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