Be Energy regeneration centre

Be Energy Eco-Industrial Centre in Avignon

Regeneration of Batteries and Oils, Towards a Circular and Sustainable Economy.

The Avignon-based eco-industrial centre marks the next step in Be Energy’s expansion strategy. Covering an area of 1,500 m² on a 2,300 m² site in an industrial zone, the centre focuses in particular on :

  • Local oil and battery regeneration
  • Management, after-sales service and exports
  • Cutting-edge research and development into battery and oil regeneration
Open since the relocation of Be Energy’s head office in 2023, the new Batterie Plus service centre in Avignon is located on the Courtine industrial estate. It is equipped with 3 regenerators, including 2 BRT Maxi Gold regenerators and 1 BRT10 regenerator. Despite the successive confinements imposed by the Covid-19 health crisis, the centre quickly picked up the pace needed to support supply chain tools, regenerating many forklift batteries from day one. The Be Energy centre near Avignon is run by Bertrand Coste, an expert in the industrial regeneration of starter batteries, with a view to promoting eco-responsibility and financial savings. Thanks to battery regeneration, this forward-looking centre promises a quality service at 60% less cost!
Centre Be Energy Avignon

Battery regeneration embodies the values of tomorrow’s development:

  • Cost-effective alternative solution for users
  • Massive reduction in hazardous industrial waste
  • Development of a new activity and job creation
  • Strengthening the circular economy
  • Fight against programmed obsolescence
  • Territorial resilience
  • Massive reduction in carbon footprint

In Avignon, the Be Energy centre is the company’s showcase and a platform for presenting new machine models and the technological advances resulting from its R&D efforts.

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