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Be Energy and OptimisT: working together for inclusive employment and sustainability

Be Energy and OptimisT: working together for inclusive employment and sustainability.​The collaboration between Be Energy and OptimisT represents a major turning point in the professional world,...

PTS 800: innovation for safer work on lithium batteries

Lithium batteries, presentation of the PTS 800 at Global Industrie.Lithium batteries, essential in the age of digital technology and electric mobility, entail significant safety risks for operators...

A very promising start for the new Be Energy Centre in Korea!

The momentum of environmental innovation has reached a new turning point with the opening of the Be Energy Korea centre in Seoul. This initiative marks the start of a promising era in battery...

Toyota Avignon goes for battery regeneration

Toyota Avignon has joined forces with the Batterie Plus team for a joint operation to demonstrate its eco-responsible approach and its confidence in the company. Destination regeneration!Replacing...

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