Be Energy: Specialist and world leader in regeneration

Technologies to double the life of batteries and oils

Be Energy is the regeneration specialist. We sell and operate regeneration systems capable of doubling the life of batteries and oils.

CEDRE label: ecological transition and CSR
Label Cedre RSE

World leader in battery regeneration

450 machines sold in 52 countries

Lead-acid and NiMH batteries

R&D on Li-Ion

Industrial and R&D partners: French companies (CEA, etc.)


Technology integrator, incremental innovation

Customers similar to and complementary to BatteriePlus customers

Oil regeneration: a business full of opportunities

Be Energy’s purpose and mission:

  • To enable customers to save around 50% of the original price, at a quarter of the price of an industrial battery
  • To reduce the production of hazardous industrial waste by 50%.
  • To massively reduce GHG emissions by a factor of around 50 (compared with recycling)
  • To create jobs in a local circular economy
  • To increase regional resilience and save critical resources
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Be Energy: a company with global reach

Be Energy is uniquely positioned in a high-potential niche market. To date :

  • Be Energy is one of the world’s largest sellers of battery regenerators
  • Our machines are the most powerful (high current/low frequency), 4 to 8 times more powerful than our leading competitor

Be Energy: industrial strategy

Be Energy is planning an industrial-scale regeneration centre covering more than 1,500m² to achieve unprecedented treatment capacities (350 to 400 batteries/day).

This eco-industrial site will be the pilot centre of excellence for regeneration, the new Be Energy headquarters and the R&D centre with two new integrated laboratories.

Development through a network

Be Energy is implementing a unique business development strategy!

Instead of simply selling machines, Be Energy is involved in setting up new service centres dedicated to the regeneration business.

Several formats are available:

  • Master subsidiary
  • Subsidiary
  • Centre / corner

Be Energy brings :

  • A strong commercial and technical involvement
  • Turnkey business support
  • Networking opportunities to meet the needs of national players
Be Energy presents an opportunity for investors.
Our areas of development
  • 100% French manufacturing
  • 3 key sectors :
    • Traction batteries
    • Stationary batteries
    • Starter batteries
Prestigious international references:
Today, Be Energy is working to move to industrial scale with starter batteries and hybrid vehicles. Our aim is to operate and promote a company within a network and prepare the business for new-generation batteries (Li-Ion).

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FASEP in Senegal: off we go!

FASEP in Senegal: off we go!

15 February 2024 marks an important date for Senegal, and for Be Energy, which specialises in regeneration...


Battery regeneration
Design and manufacture of the most efficient battery regenerators on the market
Oil regeneration
Restore oils to their original properties by removing residues and water
Engine regeneration
Innovative operator in engine and particle filter regeneration