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Be Energy
Regeneration specialist for batteries, oils and engines

World technological leader in the fields of battery, oil and engine regeneration.

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Be Energy : Solutions Batteries Plus
Specialist in battery regeneration

Battery regeneration solutions
Regenerate batteries to restore their original characteristics.

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Be Energy : Oil Plus Solutions
Used oil regeneration specialist

Restore oils to their original characteristics by eliminating residues and water: Oil Plus® oil regenerators are part of an environmental approach.

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Regeneration specialist for batteries, oils and engines

World technological leader in the fields of battery, oil and engine regeneration.

Be Energy, a key player in regeneration

Stemming from the desire to develop regeneration technologies in order to promote reusing rather than recycling industrial waste, Be Energy is involved since 2014 in regeneration processes that aim to:

  •       Double the lifespan of batteries, oils and engines
  •       Generate savings of around 50% for the user, at a quarter of the cost of a new industrial battery
  •       Reduce industrial waste by 50%
  •       Massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  •       Develop new jobs in the local circular economy without having to go through the “waste box”

·        Increase local resilience in safeguarding critical materials

Battery lifespan x 2

50% savings on batteries

50% industrial waste reduction

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Local circular economy

Territorial resilience

Battery regeneration

Design and manufacture of the most efficient battery regenerators on the market

Oil regeneration

Restore oils to their original properties by removing residues and water

Engine regeneration

Innovative operator in engine and particle filter regeneration

Regeneration specialist for batteries,
oils and engines

Acteur majeur de la regeneration

Be Energy is the world’s technological leader in the field of battery, oil and engine regeneration. Through its customers and partners, Be Energy is active in 52 countries around the world.

Battery regeneration

Be Energy’s battery regeneration business operates under the Batterie Plus brand. The company designs and manufactures machines via a network of exclusive French subcontractors.

Oil and engine regeneration

The “Oil Plus” and “Motor Plus” brands are Be Energy’s two oil and engine regeneration businesses. They focus on the improvement and commercialisation of adapted technologies.

Be Energy: Vision, convictions, ambitions

As a fully-fledged player in greentech, focused on clean, sustainable solutions, Be Energy is working to:

        Reducing the environmental impact of human activities

        Providing solutions for reducing hazardous waste through regeneration activities.

The business lines created by Be Energy are part of the Green Mindset underway in the global market economy and are an essential link in the life cycle of an industrial product, regardless of its nature.

 Be Energy’s ambition is based on the ongoing development of high-performance regeneration processes, an international network of partners and the involvement of young workers in the new environmental professions serving a decarbonized economy.

Labels and awards:
proof of a serious and committed player

Since its creation, Be Energy has regularly received awards for its work and commitment in the field of battery, oil and engine regeneration.

Be Energy has also been awarded several prizes in France, Europe and around the world, demonstrating its seriousness and commitment towards greentech.

2018 Forbes Middle East Award
2019 Ontario Ministerial Award for Environmental Excellence
2020 Prix de l’audace awarded by Initiative Terres de Vaucluse
2020 Laureate of Total Developpement Regional
2021 Stars & Métiers Grand Prix for Innovation
2021 ADEME Agency for Ecological Transition

Be Energy News

On our blog, keep up to date with Be Energy, innovations in greentech and regeneration solutions for batteries, oils and engines.
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FASEP in Senegal: off we go!

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