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Tried and tested regeneration technologies

Since its creation, Be Energy has built up a track record of success, and is now established as the specialist in regeneration for batteries, engines and oils. Its track record includes technologies validated by leading laboratories, as well as awards attesting to the seriousness and commitment of this French company to greentech.

Regeneration technologies recognised by leading laboratories

Validation by LCIE – Bureau Veritas (battery regeneration)

Tests carried out by the Laboratoire Central des Industries Électriques (LCIE – Bureau Veritas) verified the electrical performance of lead-acid traction batteries (measurement of effective capacity) before and after a battery regeneration cycle using the BRT 20-1 regenerator.

After 5 battery regeneration cycles, an increase in capacity of 153.3% was observed.

CEDRE label: ecological transition and CSR
Be Energy has been awarded the CEDRE label by France Active. As such, the company is recognised as being committed to the ecological transition and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a step towards a circular economy model. Label Cedre RSE

SGS laboratory validation (oil regeneration)

To validate its Oilplus oil regeneration process, Be Energy called upon the SGS laboratory, the world leader in lubricant testing and analysis.

Be Energy set up an OR2 type oil regeneration unit at the SGS Vernolab laboratory in Verneuil-sur-Avre (27). Samples taken before and after regeneration were used for comparative analysis by SGS Vernolab technicians. Each oil was sampled before and after regeneration, in accordance with international standards.

SGS Vernolab’s analytical programme made it possible to carry out analyses on :

  •       Engine oils
  •       Hydraulic oils

The results of the SGS laboratory concluded that the Oilplus oil regeneration process had been validated.

Huile machine outil
Technical partners
prix ministériel d'excellence environnementale

Excellence awards, proof of Be Energy’s seriousness and commitment to greentech

Prix ministériel d’excellence environnementale (Ontario, Canada)

Ontario has chosen to reward Be Energy as part of its programme to highlight local champions who are working to protect the environment and help Ontario make the transition to a prosperous, waste-free, low-carbon economy.


Prix de l’innovation (Forbes Middle East)
Forbes Middle East has awarded the Environmental Innovation prize to the Abu Dhabi Regeneration Centre.
Innovation Competition (Tunisia)
The Be Energy technology was singled out from among several hundred candidates as part of the major National Innovation Competition 2016 in Tunisia.  
Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers BPMED
Organized by the Chambers of Trades and Crafts and the Banques Populaires, the Stars & Trades is organized every year. In 2021, Be Energy stood out in the “Grand Prix Exportateur” category, which rewards the company’s capacity to develop internationally.

National and international support

Soutiens Financier
Prix total énergie
Concours I-Nov (ADEME)
In 2021, Be Energy was named winner of the i-Nov 2021 Competition under the theme “Circular Economy”. This award demonstrates Be Energy’s commitment to local resilience and environmentally friendly solutions.
Total Development
Be Energy is one of the winners for its action on energy transition at the gala evening marking the 40th anniversary of collaboration between Total Développement Régional and the IRCE (Institut Régional des Chefs d’Entreprise)
prix de l'audace vaucluse
Plan France Relance (ADEME)
Be Energy is one of 96 companies supported by the ADEME and the ministère de la Transition écologique, as part of the France Relance plan.
In 2019, Be Energy was awarded the prix de l’Audace on the big night of the OSE ENTREPRENDRE trophies, an event organised by Initiative Terres de Vaucluse. The award recognises the ambitious research and development programme launched the same year by Be Energy for the digital transition of its battery regeneration process.

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