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Be Energy, leading French technology in India: an energy and environmental adventure

Be Energy, a leader in battery regeneration, has once again distinguished itself on the international stage. Selected from among twelve French Fab companies for its mission "Explore & Match:...

First Be Energy subsidiary in Western Switzerland

The first quarter of 2023 marked a new high point for Be Energy, with the opening of a joint venture in Switzerland, at the heart of an ecosystem focused on recycling, the FLASA ecopole. Be Energy...

FASEP project: a new battery and oil regeneration industry in Senegal

The meeting held at the Senegalese Ministry of the Environment on Tuesday 12 October marked the official launch of the Be Energy - Regen System FASEP (Fonds d'Études et d'Aide au Secteur Privé)...

A new battery regeneration centre on the French island of Réunion

A new battery regeneration centre has just opened near Saint-Denis on the island of Réunion. On this island in the Mascareignes archipelago, the dynamic economy offers great opportunities in terms...

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