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FASEP in Senegal: off we go!

15 February 2024 marks an important date for Senegal, and for Be Energy, which specialises in regeneration technologies. As guest of honour at the FASEP ceremony in Dakar, the French company is...

Be Energy achieves the certification required to issue carbon credits on the voluntary market

In December 2022, Be Energy was certified to issue carbon credits on the voluntary market. This is a major achievement for the company based in the south of France, confirming its commitment to the...

Be Energy presents its solutions in an international COP on hazardous waste management

Be Energy was in Geneva from June 6 to 17, 2022 to participate in an international meeting on hazardous waste management: the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm...

Regeneration: a safe bet for the environment and jobs

The Covid-19 health crisis has forced us to realise that nothing will ever really be the same again! Some analysts are even going so far as to predict that this could be the end of neo-liberal...

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