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PTS 800: innovation for safer work on lithium batteries

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24 April 2024
Lithium batteries, presentation of the PTS 800 at Global Industrie.

Lithium batteries, essential in the age of digital technology and electric mobility, entail significant safety risks for operators working on the batteries, for rental companies operating fleets of scooters and electric bicycles, and also for the everyday users of these means of transport. The fire at SNAM’s industrial facility in Viviez illustrates these dangers and proves that there is no such thing as zero risk. In response to these challenges, Be Energy presents a major patented innovation: the PTS 800.

PTS 800 sécurise batteries lithium

Innovation in safe lithium battery workstations: the PTS 800

At the Global Industrie trade fair in Paris last March, Be Energy unveiled the PTS 800, a secure workstation that represents a major advance in the safe handling of lithium batteries, incorporating cutting-edge technology to prevent thermal runaway of the lithium battery.

This innovative workstation, for which Be Energy has filed a patent, is equipped with a series of sophisticated sensors. These detect any anomaly and can automatically eject the battery if there is a risk of thermal runaway, ensuring the safety of the operator, whether present or not.

The PTS 800, conceived and designed by Bertrand Coste, founder of Be Energy, meets a critical safety need in the field of lithium battery technologies.


A technological innovation developed in

Partnership with Arkite

The PTS 800 is designed to be both a safe and ergonomic workstation, thanks to the integration of Arkite augmented reality technology. The platform transforms the workstation into an interactive digital environment, guiding the operator with visual instructions and validating operations using intelligent sensors. This ease of use makes the PTS 800 accessible even to people with disabilities, employed through an adapted company.


Commitment to circular economy

Invited to the Global Industrie trade show by its partner MOB-ION, Be Energy has reaffirmed its commitment to circular economy. This collaboration enables Be Energy to supply reconditioned batteries which are then incorporated into the electric scooters manufactured by MOB-ION. This partnership highlights the importance of re-use without change of use, and the fight against programmed obsolescence, using lithium batteries that have been qualified and reconditioned using Be Energy’s technologies and know-how, backed up by four years’ experience in R&D on lithium batteries.


Risks associated with operations on lithium batteries

Operations on lithium batteries, which are widely used in the portable equipment, electric transport and renewable energy storage sectors, expose professionals to substantial risks.

According to the French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS), these risks include electrical hazards such as electrocution or electric arcs, as well as chemical risks due to the hazardous substances contained in the batteries. In addition, the risk of fire and explosion is significant, as shown by the 25% increase in fires in sorting centres attributed to lithium batteries (source: INRS).

These incidents can be caused by internal malfunctions such as thermal runaway, resulting from inappropriate use or a manufacturing defect.


The launch of the PTS 800 by Be Energy at Global Industrie Paris undoubtedly marks a major turning point in the management of risks associated with lithium batteries. By combining enhanced safety with cutting-edge technology, Be Energy is not just meeting industry standards, it is redefining them, contributing to a safer working environment and a more sustainable industry.

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