A greentech actor

Be Energy : Missions and ambitions

Committed towards innovation.

Through its vision, values, convictions and ambitions, Be Energy is a greentech player in its own right.

Be Energy’s vision

Reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

Every member of the Be Energy team works to reduce the environmental impact of human activities in the fields of transport, logistics, energy, telecommunications and industry.

Solutions for reducing hazardous waste through regeneration activities

Be Energy is constantly looking for solutions in regeneration to reduce the hazardous waste produced by the sectors in which it operates.

to last

Regenerating to boost local employment

Regenerate to reduce carbon emissions

The regeneration of batteries, oils and engines aims to double their lifespan and combat the programmed obsolescence of sometimes critical materials with a high CO2 impact.

Creating new jobs in a virtuous circular economy and strengthening the resilience of local communities.

Where possible, recycling solutions drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Be Energy’s ambitions

  • Continuously develop high-performance regeneration processes, making it possible to build new machines that can be used to provide services for new businesses.
  • Deploy a network of strong international partners, particularly in developing countries where there is both a significant need for youth employment and a lack of hazardous waste recycling facilities.
  • Integrate and train young workers in new environmental jobs in the service of a low-carbon economy.

Be Energy’s conviction

“Regeneration businesses are a key step in supporting the ecological transition towards a greener society” – Bertrand Coste, Founder and Managing Director of Be Energy.

The businesses created by Be Energy are part of the Green Mindset underway in the global market economy. They are an essential link in the life cycle of any industrial product.

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Battery regeneration
Design and manufacture of the most efficient battery regenerators on the market
Oil regeneration
Restore oils to their original properties by removing residues and water
Engine regeneration
Innovative operator in engine and particle filter regeneration