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Be Energy: a committed player in the greentech field

Where great ideas take shape.

Much more than just a fad: greentech is a reality, an effective solution for our beautiful planet.

At the crossroads between technology and the environment, greentech covers all solutions aimed at mitigating or reversing the effects of human activity on the environment.

Be Energy is fully committed to greentech. Our mission, our values and our ambitions, as well as our day-to-day actions, illustrate this fact.

Through its various research and development projects, Be Energy is committed to advancing regeneration, in response to strong demand worldwide.

Today, Be Energy benefits from the support of Climat Local, the French carbon offset operator, in the recognition of its battery regeneration solution “Batterie Plus” as a Low Carbon labelled solution by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

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Be Energy: the driving force behind greentech

Be Energy designs, sells and operates specialised regeneration machines capable of doubling the life of batteries, oils and engines.

Be Energy’s regeneration processes enable :

  • A massive reduction in greenhouse gases, with 50 times fewer CO2 emissions than recycling;
  • Financial savings of around 50% for the user;
  • A 50% reduction in industrial waste;
  • Increased territorial resilience in safeguarding critical materials;
  • The development of new jobs in the circular economy.

Winner of numerous awards for its innovative solutions, Be Energy develops recognised technologies. Click here to find out more.

Be Energy’s R&D effort: towards ever more innovative and efficient solutions

Through its various research and development projects, Be Energy is committed to advancing its regeneration solutions, given the strong growth in demand worldwide.

The latest innovations include :

  • MASTER PRO regeneration systems, connected machines (patent pending):
    • Twice as powerful
    • Equipped with on-board diagnostics for remote management
  • A sorting system for lead-acid starter batteries
  • A process for reconditioning hybrid vehicle batteries and a regeneration system (project supported by ADEME)
  • New oil regenerator

A low-carbon labelled solution

Today, Be Energy is benefiting from the support of Climat Local, a French carbon offsetting operator, in the recognition of its “Batterie Plus” battery regeneration solution as a Low Carbon labelled solution by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, through the Bas Carbone label.
Decree no. 2018-1043 of 28 November 2018, by creating a “Bas Carbone” label, aims to encourage the emergence of additional greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects on French territory, through the establishment of a monitoring framework, reporting and verification of GHG emissions, enabling the valuation of additional emission reductions, voluntarily achieved by individuals or legal entities in various sectors of activity.

A host of awards for greentech player Be Energy

A world technology leader in battery regeneration, Be Energy currently distributes some 450 machines in 52 different countries. Relying on a network of partners and experts in manufacturing, research and development, Be Energy has won several awards for its work.

The keys to Be Energy’s development

With the aim of creating a worldwide professional network of specialists in the regeneration of batteries, oils and engines, Be Energy is investing in all the resources necessary to achieve its ambition:

  • Unique technical expertise
  • World-renowned brands in the field of batteries and oil regeneration
  • Sustained R&D activity, with several patents pending
  • Financing capacity (R&D, industry, exports)
  • Financial support demonstrating the company’s seriousness and commitment to greentech
  • A green mindset, marked by a strong trend towards greentech across all markets

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