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Be Energy, the European battery regeneration leader, gains momentum and announces a €2M fundraising

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6 March 2023

The financing granted by trusted partners, including Business Angels, BPI, ADEME and Région Sud, allows Be Energy to consolidate its position and to consider a bright future.

The fund-raising gives the French company a new impetus and allows the battery regeneration specialist to develop the Master Pro project. In particular, with the support of ADEME, this involves setting up a reconditioning line for hybrid vehicle batteries. The company also plans, as part of the Plan France Relance (the French recovery plan), to bring its next site up to industrial scale.

leader européen de la régénération de batteries

The fast evolving battery market

Since its creation, Be Energy has never stopped developing its know-how and expertise in battery regeneration. Today, the Avignon-based company is a major player in a rapidly growing market. In France, as well as around the world, Be Energy brings added value to professionals in the logistics, transport, telecoms, industry, port and airport sectors. All these areas use batteries in their manufacturing, distribution and sales processes.

Long neglected, battery replacement has become an economic, social and responsible issue.

“Our mission is to innovate for the benefit of the planet. We need to change our system. We need to move from ultra-consumption and pollution to the creation of new jobs in the circular economy,” explains Bertrand Coste, founder of Be Energy.

On the market, electric vehicles are multiplying, as are devices linked to ecomobility, such as scooters. This rise in popularity has created a shortage of battery management solutions, in addition to the millions of lead batteries in circulation that need to be looked after.

Battery regeneration: an interesting and innovative solution

Be Energy’s solution is simple, effective and well-proven. It combines economic and environmental gains. The advantages of battery regeneration by Be Energy can be summarised as follows

  • Considerable savings
    Regenerating a battery costs two to three times less than buying a new battery
  • A massive reduction of greenhouse gases

The solution proposed by Be Energy generates about 50 times less CO2 emissions than recycling batteries

  • A 50% reduction in industrial waste
  • Creation of new jobs in the circular economy sector

With a very active R&D department, Be Energy is constantly innovating. This asset, as well as the patents recorded, have earned it a special place in the Green Tech sector.

Be Energy designs 100% French machines for regenerating batteries. Via a network of regeneration centres, the company is present in 52 countries around the world. It is continuing its momentum, with new centres joining the Be Energy network in Abu Dhabi, New Caledonia, Martinique, Lebanon, Senegal, Morocco, Switzerland and Cambodia in 2022.

New financing in 2023 to accelerate decarbonisation

Be Energy’s stated ambition is to consolidate its positions and to develop in a controlled manner.

A complementary fundraising is planned for the end of 2023, with the support of Innocraft which has been advising Be Energy’s financing strategy since 2019. This new financing will allow Be Energy to expand its offer on the national and international territory, and to propose a new innovative format of regeneration centres.


About Be Energy:

Founded in 2014 by Bertrand Coste, Be Energy designs and distributes French solutions, developing regeneration centres worldwide. Supported by BPI France and ADEME, Be Energy is one of the 96 French companies EETE (Entreprise Engagée pour la Transition Ecologique), Winner of the Stars & Métiers BPMed Grand Export Prize, Winner of the i-nov “Circular Economy” competition, Winner of Total Développement, Winner of the Terres de Vaucluse Initiatives Boldness Award, Winner of the Ontario Ministerial Award for Environmental Excellence, Grand National Innovation Competition in Tunisia, Forbes Middle East Award.

Be Energy is also part of the “Coq Vert”, a French Tech community. The company has been accredited by the Riverse organisation to sell its first 67 tonnes of carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market.


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Bertrand Coste – President ;

Mickael Balondrade – General Manager ;

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