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Be Energy Mauritius: sustainable solutions to the waste issue in Mauritius

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13 December 2023

Be Energy Mauritius: sustainable solutions to the waste issue in Mauritius

In October 2023, Be Energy Mauritius joined the Be Energy network and benefited from on-site training, designed to make technicians and sales staff operational in new, high-impact jobs involving battery regeneration.

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The inauguration of the Be Energy centre in Mauritius is a response to the need to find effective solutions to the challenge of hazardous waste on the island. This initiative opens up new prospects for key sectors such as transport, tourism, shipping, airports, construction and public works. Thanks to Be Energy’s innovative services, these sectors will be able to meet economic, health and environmental challenges, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

The hazardous waste and treatment issues in Mauritius

Mauritius, a developing island state in the Indian Ocean, is facing major environmental challenges, particularly with regard to waste management. Faced with increasing climate risks such as rising sea levels and coastal erosion, the need to respond to these challenges is urgent. Environment Minister Kavydass Ramano recently highlighted climate change, natural disasters, pollution and waste management, including transboundary plastic waste, as major concerns.

In response, the Mauritian government is committed to transforming the island into a green haven resilient to climate change. Ten-year policies and strategies have been put in place, promoting a circular economy and including measures such as a ban on non-biodegradable single-use plastics and the development of a solid waste management strategy. Significant investment is also being made in infrastructure to combat coastal erosion and improve rainwater management.

Mauritius is also committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy in its energy mix. These initiatives are part of a global approach aimed at countering the triple global crisis: loss of nature and biodiversity, pollution and waste, and climate change.

This innovation is particularly relevant for Mauritius, a destination prized for its idyllic landscapes and where the transport sector, construction and airport services are in high demand. In addition, in the tourism and sports sector, particularly resorts and golf operators, the possibility of regenerating lead batteries in golfettes is being enthusiastically welcomed. Proposed by Be Energy Mauritius, this solution is not only environmentally friendly, it is also economically advantageous. It allows establishments to reduce their costs while preserving the environment, thus offering sustainable mobility on golf courses.

BE Energy, with its innovations, actively supports six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 13, which focuses on ‘Action on Climate Change’. This link is underlined in the certification report dated 8 December 2022, which highlights the significant impact of battery reconditioning on the environment: ‘Battery reconditioning plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This practice encourages the use of renewable energy and helps to reduce electronic waste. The environmental impact of a battery regenerated using Be Energy technology is 89% lower than that of a new battery’.

This statement reinforces BE Energy’s commitment to a more sustainable future and its effective contribution to preserving the planet and its inhabitants.

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