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BE ENERGY invests in new R&D programmes for battery regeneration

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22 September 2020

Be Energy, through its Batterie Plus brand, is one of the leaders in battery regeneration using lead and NiCad technologies.

The only French manufacturer of battery regenerators, it has sold more than 400 machines in 52 countries around the world.

Backed by its unrivalled experience, Batterie Plus has built up a prestigious list of references with the big names in the telecoms and materials handling industries. Looking to the future, the company is demonstrating its vision and commitment to innovation with the launch of several research and development programmes in NiMh and Li-Ion technologies.

Battery regenerator R&D

The need for new NiMh and Li-Ion technologies

NiMh and Li-Ion technologies represent all the batteries used in the hybrid and electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

The demand is there, particularly in relation to the first generation of the emblematic Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles that have been on the market for more than 10 years.

High-voltage batteries have degraded capacities that have a major impact on the fuel consumption of electric vehicles. In fact, an EV that is initially fuel-efficient thanks to its hybrid operation becomes a major consumer of petrol when the battery can no longer hold a charge and is constantly recharged while driving, thereby increasing fuel consumption!

The only solution is for the manufacturer to replace the battery pack as new, at a cost of almost €3,000 for one pack.

The Be Energy / Batterie Plus battery regeneration solution

To date, there are few players on the market offering alternative solutions that essentially involve rebalancing or changing modules.

The aim of Be Energy, through its Batterie Plus brand, is to offer genuine regeneration of these modules to complete the task to 100% and thus give these batteries a second life.

Be Energy/Batterie Plus has just taken on a young doctor in electrochemistry, Thomas Favet, who is in charge of the R&D programme.

Tests are being carried out on packs from the market, as well as on cells that have undergone accelerated ageing in a climatic chamber at the LITEN (Laboratory specialising in lithium at the CEA in Grenoble).

To date, many players in the industry have expressed an interest in the potential offered by regeneration equipment for electric vehicle batteries.

Positioned as a cost-effective alternative, this solution, which would create new jobs in the service of a circular economy and towards regional resilience, would make it possible to massively reduce CO2 equivalents compared with replacement and recycling.

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