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REGEN ACADEMY: the e-learning platform dedicated to battery regeneration

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12 November 2020

Be Energy/ Batterie Plus is setting up an e-Learning platform dedicated to battery regeneration, with more than 50 videos presented in the form of educational tutorials.

50 educational tutorials on battery regeneration

On the Regen Academy platform, the video tutorials are organised into 3 levels:

  • Level 1/preparator: for line-ups and various connections and measurements on batteries before treatment
  • Level 2/regenerator “battery keeper”: for operations to launch regeneration programmes and other battery qualification and diagnosis operations
  • Level 3/expert: to get to grips with the battery regenerators and explore new performances with free-to-treat programming.
Batteries NIMH

These videos are in French with English voice-over subtitles, offering a multitude of possibilities for the 52 countries in which Batterie Plus machines are deployed.

A qualifying training programme

On Regen Plus, each course leads to a qualification. At the end of each stage, there is a quiz to review the lesson covered beforehand.
All the scores are automatically fed back to validate each user path.
An identification badge is sent to the qualified technician.
This medium is also an alternative to on-site training, which has been severely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and the restrictions in place.

Example of an educational tutorial on Regen Academy

1. Series production of monobloc traction batteries

1/2 hour

Now you know how to put a traction type monobloc battery online and in series before regeneration.


  • Batteries must be pre-qualified and washed.
  • Identify the type of batteries. In our example a set of nacelle batteries in 24 volts, composed of two trays (each of 12 V).
  • Arrange the batteries evenly to have symmetrical polarities.

The first step, connection of the main line:

  • Equip yourself with safety clothing and accessories.
  • Arrange your batteries symmetrically by aligning the polarities in order to have a coherent visual.
  • Position the main line the positive (red) and major negative (black or blue) poles. This main treatment line will then be connected to the discharge bench and the regenerator.
  • Check and use a suitable connector.
  • Position the plus and minus poles of the main line first.

Second step, installation of interconnection bridges:

  • Use suitable 25 mm2 cross-section wiring for 200 amps. 35 mm2 or 50 mm2 for higher powers.
  • Position the wiring interconnect bridges from the major positive terminal.
  • Master the wiring for your safety and avoid a short circuit that could damage the battery and connectors.
  • Follow the following circuit: + up – down.
  • Torque, by convention, from the positive terminal.
  • Neutralize the torque so as not to damage the battery.
  • Adjust the torque according to the values indicated by the manufacturer
  • Check your torquage with a double check from + to -.

Your line is ready to be connected to the desired device


  • Check the tightening and use quality connectors to avoid overheating that could disrupt the treatment and damage the terminals and cause a risk of spark and explosion in contact with the gas.
  • Always use isolated tools.
  • Use stainless steel connectors.
  • Master two-handed wiring.
  • Exclude all metal objects (jewelry, glasses…) These are dangerous conductive elements that can fall and generate short circuits and burns.


  • Position the two major poles first to avoid confusion.
  • When tightening, squeeze with your right hand and with the left hand apply an effort in the other direction. Thus, you neutralize the torque and you avoid sending torque that could damage the plates through the pole.
  • Check the type of screw thread (American, European, others).
  • Use washers of a suitable section to ensure good contact.

Take this test to assess whether you have integrated the concepts of this module. To receive your Level 1 diploma, your score must be 9/10 on this module.


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